jdPicker - the ultimate jQuery date picker

This pages show a few of the numerous combination of options you can use to customize the behaviour of jdPicker. The full list of options is available on the documentation page of the project.

You can also customize the CSS through a dedicated CSS stylesheet. The whole input and its foldable calendar are wrapped in a div so that the style will only apply to the date picker element.

  • Default options
  • US date format
  • No date min or max
  • French date format
  • Selection by week - with week number
  • From the 19th of May 2010 till the apocalypse
  • US date format (using short month names)
  • Week number printed using a label
  • The week starts on wednesday
  • A few holidays included
  • No selection of week-ends
     date_format:"MM dd YYYY",
     date_min:"Jan 01 1970",
     selectable_days:[1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
     non_selectable:["May 24 2010"],
     rec_non_selectable: ["Jan 01", "May 26"]
  • French date format (using long month names)
  • Inline display (just use a hidden input)
     date_format:"dd FF YYYY"


Original project by Jonathan Leighton
Fresh updates by Paul Da Silva

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